Cinematic viewings will be cut back significantly due to the current Hollywood bullshit. Streaming services are more diverse and less politically motivated.  Entertain me Hollywood.  I don't want your political opinions.

  Star Wars; the Last Jedi.  Team Apeonaut doesn't care if the idea behind Star Wars has always been "it's made for kids".  Though this movie was far better than The Force Awakens which was a huge piece of excrement in its own right, and it did indeed have some much needed humor injected into its lifeless rehash of a plot, SWTLJ is at best a poor mockery of its 40 year old predecessors.  Kylo Ren is still a whiny, spoiled brat no more capable of becoming the next Vader as a cup of sugar. Rey was less annoying than her first outing, but she's still weak and noisy and simpering.  The rest of the cast is just fluffy filling.  It was nice the oldies got at least one thing to do; Chewy and his new Porg friends, Luke and R2 had their cute plot continuation point,  Leia and her hair, Luke and Yoda had a moment.  The mind-meld scenes between Rey and Kylo are insipid and third rate but a necessary tool to move along a story that we've seen done so much better before.  Rey is trying to get Luke to come back to the fight.  Leia and the rebels are fighting a last ditch effort against Snoke and the Imperial fleet.  Finn and Rose are trying to find a thief who can break the codes to the super impenetrable kill switch on the battle cruiser bearing down on last of the rebels.  The movie could have been 30 minutes shorter if they had made a better movie.  TA guesses they had to make it dramatically long to make sure it was pounded into your head who was the Last Jedi.  Meh





















































































  THE SHAPE OF WATER.  GTD's vision of love and loss mixed up with every 1960's American trope.  Quite frankly this movie is wonderful and dissatisfying at the same time.  Impossible you say? Team Apeonaut admits it is a beautifully rendered film.  The Amphibian Man is quite beautiful and noble yet you wonder how he managed to get captured in the Amazon by the mean old G-Man who only wants to cut him up to see how he breathes in water and on land to better help our astronauts in space.  The USSR spy with the soft heart for the creature who wants him to go to Russia for study as a live being who can react to emotion, language, music and the closeted gay man who had been fired for inappropriate behavior at work only add to the incredulity of the plot.  The character's are shallow and under-developed and only the professionalism of the actors make the movie feel important.  The stereotypes abound and distract from the idea of a pure love story.  The naked scenes of the mute cleaning woman who falls in love with the creature are unnecessary and their intimate scenes could have been more erotic and loving with less.  But it's nice to think she is Abe Sapien's mom.  The movie is too long by 30 minutes and could have moved along quicker with a tighter storyline.  It was enjoyable if you don't get too critical.  Bargain hour or stream it


























































































 KUNG FU YOGA.  A China-India co-production.  In the beginning we have ancient Chinese and Indian warriors clashing in battle.  The two heroes head to China to drop off a vast treasure to the Chinese ruler.  It is lost.  Thousands of years later Archeologist Jack Chan and an Indian princess join forces to find the treasure and get it to the rightful owners.  A bad Indian tries to thwart them at every turn.  Wackiness, action, kung fu and yoga ensue.  This is quite a production.  One might wonder how would Jackie Chan inject Hindi style singing and dancing into one of his movies.  Easy.  It is perhaps one of the most fun movie endings in foreign movies since The Blind Warrior Zatoichi 2003.  All monkey thumbs up.
































































February 22, 2018