The Foreigner.  London. Busy day.  Dad takes daughter to dress shop so she can buy new dress for dance. All hell breaks loose when the block explodes and starts a chain reaction of events of double crosses, political expedience, revenge, retribution and even redemption.  At the core is the IRA and any deal they might have with the Brits to maintain the shakey 20 year old peace.  At the periphery is a man whose daughter is killed in the blast and his perceived inability of the police to find the bombers.  What ensues is a cat and mouse game that sees many people injured, killed , blown up.  Alliances are tested and the father kicks everyone's ass.  Highly entertaining and worth a watch.

  Kingsmen: Golden Circle. Mostly harmless tale of Poppy wanting to rule the world through her drug cartel.  Giving everyone who uses her drugs; pot, meth, heroin, and more, a blue virus that kills in a few short days after torturous side effects she demands legalization before she'll release an antidote.  The Kingsmen are all but destroyed by her and the survivors go to Kentucky, America to enlist the help of the Statesmen to save the world.  The movie itself is full of cliches and telegraphed intentions but it really picks up when Sir Elton John shows up in his Captain Fantastic outfit, including the platform shoes and uses every cinematic martial arts trick to foil his captors.  He is one hell of a good sport.  The movie is overly crass and tries to hard to be something.  It seemed unusual that one of the main characters is an actor from Netflix's Narcos series.  Halle Berry had dumb hair, Channing Tatum's role was meaningless, and as of late, Jeff Bridges portrayed a curmudgeonly unintelligible leader.  Julianne Moore chewed so much scenery it makes you wonder how she became a respected actress.  Overall it was nice to see Harry return, it was sad to see Merlin die such a noble death and the cool new gadgets were fun.  Overall a harmless way to spend a couple of hours.

  Atomic Blonde.  Could have/should have been kick-ass.  Instead this was a lame melange of Salt/Wanted/Lara Croft/ (anyone sensing a theme here?)  It's 1989 just before the Berlin Wall comes down.  Theron is said Atomic Blonde thrust into a spy vs spy caper between East and West not knowing who to trust/thrust//lust or just kill in this at time lame/stale/sorry excuse for an action/spy movie.  There are a few scenes of action and some recognizable faces that take the sting out of the extraordinary badness of it all.  Was really hoping for something fun and all TA got was rehash.  So sad.


















































































  AMERICAN ASSASSIN.  Never having read any Mitch Rapp books Team Apeonaut went into this just hoping for action, vengeance and assassinations.  Yup, that's what we got.  A nicely made actioner with a massacre montage, a training montage, a caper montage, an explosive final act montage.  Well played.  Highly enjoyable if a little cliched.  Hopefully someone buys the rights to another book and gets this young man a franchise.  All thumbs up.

  The Hitman's Bodyguard.  Entertaining bit of action fluff that is worth watching.  A tidy if predictable mix of Lethal Weapon, Two Guns, 48 Hours, Last Boy Scout, Bulletproof, Loaded Weapon 1 to name a few.  A Triple A rated protection operative loses a high value client and loses his job, rating, confidence.  He is given one last shot at redemption by former flame and Interpol agent who wants him to protect an international hitman and get him to the Hague in time to give proof against a very bad president.  Through a series of mishaps they bond and grow on their journey to do the right thing for whatever reason.  Some genuine laugh out loud funny moments.  Some tiring Samuel L Jackson schtick.
Overall, a fun couple of hours at the movies.

  Dunkirk.  A depiction of the activation of the British civilian fleet to cross the English Channel to Dunkirk to evacuate the British Army that has been surrounded and cut off by advancing German forces.  Christopher Nolan approached this with an "Inception" idea so we can see what all players were seeing simultaneously.  The civilians are heading to Dunkirk, one in particular picks up one survivor from a torpedoed ship and a downed Spitfire pilot,  the Germans are bombarding the British warships and medical ships, the Spitfires are heading out to shoot down German fighters and bombers that are taking a heavy toll on the evacuees.  We see the story from all sides; the bravery, the cowardice, and everything in between. Nearly 400,000 Allied troops are evacuated from Dunkirk.  Then the Empire regrouped and rallied to take the fight to Germany.
Monkey thumbs up.

























































































 KUNG FU YOGA.  A China-India co-production.  In the beginning we have ancient Chinese and Indian warriors clashing in battle.  The two heroes head to China to drop off a vast treasure to the Chinese ruler.  It is lost.  Thousands of years later Archeologist Jack Chan and an Indian princess join forces to find the treasure and get it to the rightful owners.  A bad Indian tries to thwart them at every turn.  Wackiness, action, kung fu and yoga ensue.  This is quite a production.  One might wonder how would Jackie Chan inject Hindi style singing and dancing into one of his movies.  Easy.  It is perhaps one of the most fun movie endings in foreign movies since The Blind Warrior Zatoichi 2003.  All monkey thumbs up.

 Wind River.  A death on the reservation brings in the FBI.  The FBI in the form of a young, inexperienced lady agent who asks for help from the fish and game hunter, the epitome of Cowboy.  Together they investigate the trail of death to the ultimate perpetrators.  Things go badly for the bad guys.  No real happy ending, but justice was served.  Bargain Hour.  Love Jeremy Renner.  Wish he could get real movies.

  Spiderman: Homecoming.  Sweet but overly nerdy, this version of Peter Parker is by far the most likeable of the last 7 iterations.  Amped up by his appearance in Avengers: Civil War, Spiderman wants to do more, be more, be an Avenger.  His life conspires against him to keep him a friendly neighborhood spiderman and when Tony Stark tells him he's not an Avenger and not a superhero until he can learn to be one without his suit, Pete has to learn some hard lessons when dealing with family and friends.  Nice effects, a little too much teen whining, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Nice to see Michael Keaton relish the role of a bad guy.

  Baby Driver.  Hellaciously enjoyable movie about Baby, a driver of getaway cars in the employ of an oddly powerful man how keeps 90% of Baby's share.  As the movie progresses we learn most of Baby's backstory and how he came to work for the bad guy.  Filled with great music, fast driving and the desire to do the right thing this love story with a hint of tinnitus is marvelous fun and worth full price.  Monkey thumbs up.

































































October 15, 2017