Hot Fuzz
Twin Peaks (thanks to Halo 1)
Die Hard  (thanks to Halo 1)
Some Came Running (thanks to Halo 1)

Balls of Fury
Necessary Roughness
Strictly Ballroom
Deep Rising
Romancing the Stone
Wild Bunch
Wild One
None But The Brave
Girl, Interrupted
Deep Impact
Anywhere But Here
Flight of the Intruder
Breast Men
Dirty Dozen
Some Like it Hot
In Like Flint
Burning Bed
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
The Tingler
Intruder Within
Hard Ball
Quigley Down Under
Blown Away
Blow Up
Cool Hand Luke
Never Back Down
Moby Dick
Ace In The Hole
Joy Ride
Amazing Mr. X
Fantastic Voyage
Rear Window
Naked Jungle
Marathon Man
One Body Too Many
Excessive Force
Big Red One
Dive Bomber
Rough Riders
Run Silent Run Deep
Gray Lady Down
Rapid Fire
Up/Down Periscope
Sin City
Absolute Power
Midnight Meat Train

15 Minutes
Gone In 60 Seconds
Too Late For Tears
Blow Out
Half Past Dead
Incredible Shrinking Man

House of Wax
House that Dripped Blood
House With Laughing Windows
7 Faces of Dr. Lao
Face Off
Sheriff of Fractured Jaw
The Eye
Breast Men
Dead Man's Chest
The Brain that Wouldn't Die
Angel on My Shoulder
Devil at His Elbow
5 Fingers of Death
Wrist cutters: A Love Story
The Hand
Forearm Dance
Love on an Empty Stomach
Jupiter's Thigh
Knee Deep
My Left Foot
Belles on Their Toes
Lonely Hearts
Devil In the Flesh
Eyes of a Stranger
Read My Lips

Rising Sun
Adventures of Pluto Nash
Breakfast on Pluto
Man in the Moon
Mission to Mars
Ghosts of Mars
Earth Girls are Easy
Jupiter's Wife
Saturn 3
Up Uranus

In Her Shoes
Kinky Boots
The Red Shoes
Red Shoe Diaries
Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
Dead Man's Shoes
Shoes of the Fisherman
Raising Arizona
Arizona Summer
My Own Private Idaho
Wanda Nevada
Mississippi Burning
Tennessee's Partner
Cattle Queen of Montana
Jersey Girl
The Virginian
Sweet Home Alabama
The Man From Utah
Happy, Texas
Mystery, Alaska
Moonlight in Vermont
The Delaware Project
Maryland, My Maryland
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
Bleeding Iowa
The Michigan Kid
Feeling Minnesota
Rolling Kansas
The Arkansas Traveler
Lady From Louisiana
A Connecticut Yankee in King
    Arthur's Court
Colorado Serenade
A Moon Man from Massachusetts
Letters From Nebraska
Hawaii Five-O
Blue Hawaii
The Fighting Kentuckian
Scotland, PA
The Wyoming Bandit
Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (qototv)
Bastard out of Carolina
D C Cab
Oregon Trail
Joe Dakota
Getting Out Of Rhode Island
UFO Over Illinois
Wisconsin Death Trip
Sons of New Mexico
Hotel New Hampshire
The Missouri Breaks
Bing Crosby's Washington State
New York, New York
Florida Crackers

Legal Eagles
Silver Hawk
Hawk, the Slayer
The Birds
The Crow
The Raven
Lonesome Dove
Eagle Has Landed
Falcon & the Snowman
Thorn Birds
Wild Geese
Bye Bye Birdie
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Blue Gardenia
Name of the Rose
Driving Miss Daisy
Death of Sunflower
Lilies of the Field
Wild Orchid
Ladies in Lavender
Poison Ivy
Tumbleweed Trail
Whiskey, Riddles and Dandelion Wine
Huckleberry Hound
Hotel Hibiscus
Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills
Rose Red
Audrey Rose
Exorcism of Emily Rose
Crimson Gardenia
Jasmine in the Courtyard
Twice Round the Daffodils
Bird of Paradise
White Oleander
Bamboo Blonde
Broken Blossoms
Jack's Chrysanthemum
Crabgrass Manifesto (not making this up)
Pocket Full of Rye
Blood & Sand
Blood & Donuts
Blood & Chocolate
Blood & Orchids
Blood & Diamonds
Blood & Tears
January Man
Demons of February
March of the Penguins
Born on the Fourth of July
Whales of August
September Affair
October Sky
Sweet November
December Bride
Judge Dredd
Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean
Runaway Jury
The Defender
The Executioner's Song
Love Comes to the Executioner
Witness For The Prosecution
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Trial & Error (qototv)
The Octagon
Circle of Friends
Sponge Bob Square Pants
The Ring
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
Pentagon Wars
The Triangle
Help me, I'm being crushed to
   death by a Black Rectangle
The Oval Diamond
A Star is Born
Star Chamber
Cross of Iron
Silver Bullet
Hot Lead and Cold Feet
Mercury Rising
Copper Canyon
Nick Tungstun, Nightmare Hunter
Zalman King's Chromium Blue
Nickel & Dime
Platinum Blond
Neon Maniacs
The Krypton Factor
Jason and the Argonauts
Big Helium Dog
Carbon Copy
Arsenic and Old Lace
Pushing Tin
Tin Cup
Rancid Aluminum
Pirates of Silicon Valley
The Ghost of Sulpher Mountain
Little Iodine

Dead Zone
Drop Zone
Grey Zone
Torrid Zone
Twilight Zone
Forbidden Zone
Killing Zone
V for Vendetta
House of D
Vampire Hunter D
K Street

L Word
Dial M For Murder
Q The Winged Serpent

F Troop
V The Series
Dr. T and the Women
Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
Can't Catch You If You Keep Moving:
August Rush
Fast & Furious
Some Came Running
Running Man
Kiss The Girls
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Kiss of Death
Long Kiss Goodnight
Killer's Kiss
A Kiss So Deadly
Kiss Me Monster
Naked Kiss



 Page title:  Contest 3

Header:  What’s in a name?

You’ve probably seen something similar in magazines and websites, but quite frankly, Team Apeonaut thinks theirs is more original and esoteric (nice big word).

It was deemed by those much wiser than Team Apeonaut that this contest was too ungainly for a viable web script.  So, management will just use it as another round of useless, precious nuggets of insight into the minds of Team Apeonaut.  Enjoy.  Scroll through the whole thing.  Some of them are rather clever.  Come up with your own.  Send them in to TA HQ.  We'll appreciate them.

Movie/tv show titles have been combined in an amusing way.

Name one actor from each movie. (Remake actors are accepted, but not appreciated)

If a title is used more than once name a different actor from the movie.

Points are awarded to the player who comes up with the most answers.

Bonus points are awarded for getting the “connection” on titles marked with *

Bonus bonus points are awarded for getting the titles correct of two movies that are contained in what could possible be the title of only one movie.  These are marked with **

Triple Dog Dare bonus points are awarded to the player who comes up with the best combination actor name and movie title: 
What About Bob Barker?
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Wyman?

Rex Harrison's Flowers
Lewis & Clark Gable
Gregory Peck's Bad Boy
Neil Blood Diamond
Dirk Benedict Arnold
John Savage Land
Harvey Keitel
That John Forsythe Woman
Rob Roy Rogers
Shirley Temple of Doom
Harrison Ford Fairlane
Delores del Rio Lobo / Bravo / Grande
Julian Sands of Iwo Jima
Tyrone Power Rangers
Curious George Clooney
Bob Hope Floats
Loretta Young and the Restless
CopyCat Stevens
Vincent Price Is Right
How Green Was My Mark Valley
Sienna Miller's Crossing
Lee Marvin's Room
Moira Kelly's Heroes
The Last Don "the Dragon" Wilson
Jeff (Beau, Lloyd) Bridges of Madison County
Dee Wallace Stone Cold
Gig Young Frankenstein
Rick Springfield Rifle
Doris Daylight
Daniel Day Lewis & Clark
Jeff East of Eden
Dark Crystal Gayle
Desperately Seeking Susan Lucci
Sammy Davis Junior
Johnny Cash McCall
Geraldine PageMaster

Here is the contest such as it is.  Have fun and play. 
Thanks to QOTOTV for these entries:

Giant Prawn of the Dead
Spawn of the Dead
Pecan of the Dead
Beauty Salon of the Dead
Genghis Khan of the Dead
Kazakhstan of the Dead
Black Swan of the Dead
Koran of the Dead
Tron of the Dead
Twirling Baton of the Dead
Eva Braun of the Dead
and the guaranteed Blockbuster:
Yawn of the Dead!

Rosemary's Baby Mama
Knock Around Guys & Dolls
Ace In The Hole In The Sky
Ice Pirates of the Caribbean
12 Angry Men of Honor
Men of Honor at Work
And then there were none but the brave
We're No Angels & Demons
30 Days of Night of the Iguana
The Lady Corpse Vanishes
Holiday Inn of the Sixth Happiness
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Again
My Favorite Martian Child

Dead Snow Walker Texas Ranger  (thanks Avenger & Gift & a Curse)
Suicide Street Kings

Pride of the Damned Yankees

Forbidden Kingdom of Heaven

Marvin's Room With A View To A Kill
Iron Man of La Mancha
No Escape From New York (L.A.)

I Am Legend of Bagger Vance***

Small Back Room With A View To A Kill
None But The Braveheart
Children of the Damned Corn
Back To The Future Kill
Ready To Rumble in the Bronx

Blown Far and Away
Damn the Defiant Ones
Dark Wind in the Willows
Body Double Jeopardy
True Crime & Punishment
Tea & Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Courage Under Fire Down Below
Perfect Murder in the First
Cannonball Run Lola Run
Dial M for Murder on the Orient Express
Sudden Deep Impact
Ugly American Me
Blast of Silence of the Lambs
Thunder Road House
Absolute Power Rangers
cape Fear & Loathing in
Bite the Bullet(s) Over Broadway Las Vegas
Perfect Mute Witness
City By The Sea of Love
Don't Look Back In Anger
Hunter's Moon Over Miami
Long Good Bye Girl
Black Angel Heart
In The Heat of the Night of the Hunter
Evil Dead Under The Sun
Adv. Of Batman & Robin Hood
No Way To Treat a Lady & the Tramp
Electraglide In Blue Sunshine
Crossing the Bridge on the River Kwai
Light at the Edge of the World According to Garp
Man With 2 Screaming Brains
Play Dirty Pretty Things

Lost Boys in Space
Major League of Their Own
Hot Chick Fuzz
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Man Walking
Cry Immortal Beloved Country
Hard Target to Kill
Hart's War of the Roses
Holiday Inn of the Sixth Happiness
Iron Masque of the Red Death
Kiss of the Dragon Girls
Last Action Hero(es) of Telemark
Adventures of Pluto Nash Bridges

Naked George of the Jungle
Martian Child Chronicles
Galaxy Quest for Fire
Half Past Dead and Loving It
12 Angry Men at Work
Man Who Wasn't There Who Would Be King
Last Seduction of Joe Tynan
Groundhog Day of the Triffids
Never So Few Good Men
Last Castle Keep
Raw Deal of the Century
30 Days of Night of the Hunter
No Escape from LA
Drop Dead Sexy Beast
Arizona Summer School
Electric Horseman on the Roof
Days of Heaven Can Wait
4 Brothers Grimm
End of Days of Our Lives
Prince and the Pauper and Me
Four Horse Feathers
Top Secret Gun*****
When Trumpets Fade to Black
Fantastic 4 Brothers
Fantastic Voyage of the Damned
It Happened One Night at the Opera
Journey to the Center of the Earth Girls are Easy
Just Like Heaven Can Wait
Family Stone Cold
Dark Blue City
Mean Streets of Fire
Strangers on a Runaway Train
On Dangerous Ground(hog) Day
Winter People Under the Stairs
Citizen X-Men
Mute Witness for The Prosecution
Driving Inside Daisy Clover
Harrison's Flowers for Algernon
World's Fastest Indian Summer School***
Broken Arrow(smith)
In the Heat of the Night of the Living Dead
Above the Law and Jake Wade
Absolute Power Rangers
Smokin' Ace(s) in the Hole
Enemy at the Gates of the State Below***
Return of Jesse James, Martin Guerre and the Killer Tomatoes
   to Horror High
Death Takes a Roman Holiday
Romeo Must Die Another Day
Family Stone Cold
Runaway, Far and Away
What Women Want What Lies Beneath
Good Night & Good Luck Chuck
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir and the Darkness
Gone with the Wind in the Willows
The Princess Bride of Frankenstein
Gorillas in the Mist(s) of Avalon
House of Wax Works
The Great Escape From Alcatraz
Harvey Birdman of Alcatraz
While You were Sleeping With The Enemy of The State***
Shoot 'Em Up the Down Staircase
Fight Club Dread
The Osterman Weekend at Bernie's
Love is a Many Splendored Thing from Another Planet
Golden Boy and His Dog
A Good Year of Living Dangerously

Play Dirty Pretty Things
Long Riders of the Purple Sage
Dark Wicker Man
Shaun of the Dead Poet's Society
Some Kind of Wonderful Someone to Watch Over Me
Rescue Dawn Patrol
Knock Around Guys and Dolls
Starship Super Troopers
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo Joe
Charlie Wilson's War of the Worlds
Water Horse-Legend of the Deep Blue Sea
I am Legend(s) of the Fall
Bucket List of Adrian Messenger
There Will Be Blood and Donuts
AVP-Requiem For A Dream
Due South Park
Last Castle Keep
Resident Evil Under the Sun
Creature of the Blue Lagoon
The Invisible Man in the Moon
Slap Shot in the Dark
Friday Night Lights Went Out in Georgia
No Country For Grumpy Old Men
Unfinished Life of Brian
Body Double Indemnity
Deep End of the Ocean's 11
Silver Hudson Hawk
Snakes on a Plane(s) Trains & Automobiles
Barely Legal Eagles
Second Best of the Best
Sling Blade Runner
Code of Silence of the Lambs
Dead Silence of the Lambs
Reflections in a Goldeneye
Delta Force of One***
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Eyre?
Sling Blade Runner
Eyes Wide Shut of Laura Mars
Tango & Cash McCall
Dark Passage to Marseille***
White Buffalo 66
Silver Hawk the Slayer
Memphis Belle Epoch
Grid Iron Gangs of New York
Crimson Prince of Tides
Lovers and Other Stranger(s) Than Fiction
Message in a Bottle Rocket
River King of New York
Magnificent Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Universal Soldier of Fortune
Glory Road House
Little Beauty Shop of Horrors
Get Richie Rich or Die Tryin'
Dirty Dancing at Lughnasa
The King Kong and I
Tea for Two on a Guillotine
Silent Witness for the Prosecution
12 Angry Men of Honor
I Am Curious Yellow George
Snow White Heat
Greatest Quiz Show on Earth
Drunken Monkey Bone

Frisco Cisco Kid
Any Given Bloody Sunday
Miller's Crossing Guard
Undercover Varsity Blues
Decameron Night(s) at the Roxbury
I Spit on Your Shallow Grave
OUR APOLOGIES TO ERROL:  They Died With Their Kinky Boots On
The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Septic Tank Girl
It Happened at the World's Vanity Fair

Mystic River Pizza
Raw Deal of the Century
Kiss of the Dragon(fly)
The Prince of Little Foxes
Bucket of Blood and Sand
Fun with Dick and Jane Eyre
Destination Moon over Parador
Bat 21 Grams

Street with no Name of the Rose
Sound of Blue Thunder
Grey Gardens of Stone

X-Men, The Last Stand at Sabre River of No Return
Con Air Force One
Con Air Up There
Breakfast on Pluto Nash
Chicken Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
Tom Thumbsucker
Monster House on Haunted Hill
Cry Wolf Creek
Lord of War of the Worlds
I Never Sang for My Father of the Bride of Frankenstein
Eyes of Laura Mars Attacks
Just One of the Knock Around Guys
Ocean's 12 Monkeys
The Money Pit & The Pendulum
Song of the South Park
Four Brothers Grimm
Empire of the Sun(downers)
Hell in the Pacific Heights
Schindler's List of Adrian Messenger
The Spanish Prisoner of Second Avenue
A Room With a View To A Kill
Flash Point Break
Excessive Force Ten From Navarone
Sweet Low Down Dirty Shame
Excessive Force of One
Enemy of the State of Grace
Permanent Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
The Great Raid on Entebbe
Babette's Feast of All Saints
The Longest Day of the Badman
Hell is for Heroes of Telemark
Mr. & Mrs. Bridge on the River Kwai
Mr. & Mrs. Smith go to Washington
Bad Boys From Brazil
Battle Cry Wolf
Quantum Leap of Faith
Forbidden Planet of the Apes
House of Vampire Hunter D
Eight Below******
To Sir With Love Story
Sharkey's Mean Machine***
It Happened One Night at the Roxbury
Deep Blue Sea Wolves
What Lies Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
Army of Darkness Falls
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea of Love
Mission to Mars Attacks
Village of the Damned Yankees
Dirty Harry and the Hendersons
Longest Day of the Dolphin
Memoirs of the Barbarian and the Geisha
Date with the Angel and the Badman
Funny Face of a Fugitive
The Fisher King and I
New Jack City of Angels
Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry Sanders Show
The Ghost and The Darkness Falls

The Amateur Night at the Roxbury
Legend of Sleepy Hollow Man
Spy Who Came in From the Cold Mountain
Thomas Crown Affair of the Necklace
Pushing Tin Cup
Hard to Kill or Be Killed
Picture of Dorian Grey Zone
Panic in the Streets of Fire
Flower Drum Song of the South
Lost Weekend at Bernie’s
Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Keep
Run Silent, Run Deep Cover
Cheaper By the Dirty Dozen
Courtship of Eddie’s Father Goose
Operation Petticoat Junction
Final Destination Tokyo
Silent Running Man
Racing Stripes**
Rush Hour**
Basic Instinct**
Big Lebowski**
Alien Nation**
Gone With the Wind**
Hatred of a New York Minute
Dark Star 80
Dark Star Chamber
Dead Bang the Drum Slowly
Barefoot Executive Decision*
Man With the Screaming Brain That Wouldn’t Die
Zorro, the Gay Blade Runner
Illustrated Man of La Mancha
Crazy Love at First Bite
Father of the Bride of Frankenstein
Brother From Another Planet of the Apes
Beyond the Sea of Love
Woman of the Year of the Comet
Wuthering Pacific Heights
Twelve O’Clock High School High
When Trumpets Fade to Black
Last Assassination Tango in Paris
Love is a Many Splendored Thing From Another Planet
Cactus Flower(‘s) for Algernon
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Betty
High Road to China Beach
Resident Evil Dead
All the Dead President(‘s) Men
A Guy Named Mighty Joe Young
Hang ‘Em High Road to China
Meet Joe Black Hole
Night of the Mind Hunter
Rachel and the Stranger in Paradise
Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven
Left Handed Gun(fight) at the OK Corral
The Quiet Man of La Mancha
Kung Fu Hustle and Flow
Highway to Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
Highway to Heaven Can Wait
Runaway Bride of Frankenstein





Gag All the President's Men

CONTEST FROM THE FRINGES: thanks to Black Elk and Gift&Curse
for these entries:
All the King's Men in Black
All the President's Men at Work
Ice Harvest Moon
Moscow on the Hudson Hawk
Schindler's Lisztomania
Knight Riders of the Purple Sage
Paper Lion(s) in Winter
Day the Earth Stood Still of the Night
After Dark My Sweet Charity
McKenna's Gold(en) Girls
Ulee's Gold(en) Girls
All In The Family Ties
Blue Thunderheart
Cape Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Black Rain Man
On The Beach Blanket Bingo
Logan's Run(ning) Man
Sin City of God
Warriors of Heaven & Earthgirls are Easy
Blackboard Jungle Fever
White Men Can't Jump(in') Jack Flash
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Doesn't Live
   Here Anymore
There's Something About Mary Poppins
All My Children of the Corn
Bordello of Blood Diamond
Quiet American Graffiti

Demolition Man of the Year
Quigley Down Under the Cherry Moon
Man on Fire(fox)
Inside Man of the Year
Flags of Our Father(s) of the Bride
My Heroes Have Always Been Space Cowboys
Lost In Space Cowboys
A Bridge Too Far & Away
Sexy Beast Master
Motel Hello Dolly
Fear of Flying Leathernecks
Grey Lady Down & Out in Beverly Hills
Farewell to the King & I
Fisher King of New York
Swordfish Called Wanda
Streetcar Named Desire Under the Elms
Dual in the Sun(shine)
Gods Must be Crazy Mary & Dirty Larry
I Am Legend of Bagger Vance***
Men in Blackula
Enemy of the State & Main
Moby Dick Tracy
I Walk Alone In The Dark
Terminal Man in the Moon
Butterfly Effect of Gamma Rays on
     Man in the Moon Marigolds
Fantastic Voyage of the Damned
Old Man and the Salton Sea
Dr. Strange(love) in the Time of Cholera
No Way Out of Africa
Coming Home Fries
Something To Talk About a Boy
Uptown Saturday Night Fever
Urban Rhinestone Drugstore Cowboy
Best Little Whorehouse In Perris, Texas
Irma La Dueces Wild
A Beautiful Mind Warp
Man With 2 Brainstorms
Original Suicide Kings of Comedy
In The Heat of the Night of the Iguana
Shoot to Kill a Mockingbird
Exorcism of Emily Rose Tattoo
Murder in the First Wives Club
Barefoot(loose) in the Park
First Blood of Heroes
Coming to America(n) History X
Lady Hawk and the Tramp
Biloxi Blues Brothers

Fantasy Island of Dr. Moreau
Good Night & Good Luck Chuck
Fantastic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Priscilla Queen of the Desert Fox
Demolition Man of La Mancha
Blue International Velvet
My Step Mother Was An Alien Nation
Sleeping With (the) Enemy Mine
Men in Trees Lounge
Con Air Heads
Better Off Dead Zone
Time After Time Bandits
Sesame Streets of San Francisco
Sailor Who Fell Out of Grace With
  The Seabiscuit
Time Cop Land
Jungle Book of Love
Beauty and the Beast From 20000 Fathoms
Death Takes a Roman Holiday
Fatal Beauty and the Beast
Murder By Death Becomes Her
Happy Days of Thunder
Electraglide in Blue Velvet
Naked Gun(s) of Navarone
Time Machine Gun Kelly
Sea Witch(es) of Eastwick
Singing in the Bloodrayne
Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 Men and a Baby
Animal House of 1000 Corpses
Chitty Chitty Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Life of Brian's Song
The Other Sister(hood) of the Ya Ya
     Traveling Pants
Duck Tales of the Crypt
Children of a Lesser God's Must be Crazy
Under Dog Day Afternoon


thanks to QOTOTV for these entries in the pantheon:

A Few Good Men of Honor Bound for Glory Road
to Bali Hai Karate Kid & Me and My Gal

Dominick & Eugene ~ Melvin & Howard ~ Vincent & Theo ~
Harold & Maude ~ Tom & Viv ~ Crazy Mary & Dirty Larry ~
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ~ Walter & Henry ~ Smokey & the Bandit ~
Sid & Nancy & Roger & Me ~ Milo & Otis
Down in the valley of the Dolls
Sid & Nancy Drew
Damned Virgin Queen of the African Desert
Wisconsin Death Trip to Bountiful.
Picture of Dorian Grey Gardens
Goodbye Uncle Tom Sawyer
Four Brothers Keeper
Roger & Me, Myself and Irene
Picture Mommy Dead Poet's Society
Ocean's 13 Ghosts
Legend of 1900
13 Rue Madelaine
Roaring 20's
Man of a 1000 Faces
Seven Little Foys
Fighting 69th
The Millionaire

THANKS TO "A GIFT & A CURSE" for this batch of winners:

A Sound of Thunder(birds)
Charlotte's Web of Deceit
Breakfast Club at Tiffany's
Pumping Iron Will
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Ten From Navarone
Sling Blade Runner
Atlantic City Slickers
Men In Black Hawk Down
Trading Places in the Heart
Black Hawk Down and Out In Beverly Hills
Zulu Dawn of the Dead
The Sixth Sense and Sensibility
The Natural Born Killers
The Wonder Boys From Brazil
One From The Hearts in Atlantis
Das Booty Call  (Team Apeonaut's personal favorite)
Black Board Jungle Fever
Blood Alley of the Damned
Shepherd of the Hills Have Eyes
Longest Day of the Locust
Dial M For Murder She Wrote
Jonny Quest For Fire
Fantasy Island in the Sky
Naked Gun(fight) at the OK Corral
Cast A Giant Shadow of the Vampire
MQ the Winged Serpent
Big Jake and the Fatman
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quest

Sometimes Obsessing is a Bad Thing:
how many movie titles are in these ditties?

1.  Behind the Red Door up the Spiral Staircase hanging over
 the Puffy Chair next to the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is the
Picture of Dorian Grey lit by the Light in the Piazza.

2.  While Driving Miss Daisy in her Chariots of Fire to the Grand Prix
at Le Mans we found ourselves participating in Death Race 2000 and
earned enough points to join the Cannonball Run.

3.  Food For Thought:  My Dinner with Andre at the Delicatessen
was a delicious Buffet Froid of Mystic Pizza with Fried Green
Killer Tomatoes.  It was tasty until we learned why it was Mystic.
We were Eating Raoul.

The Girilla can't help it:
Tin Men
Junk Man
Repo Man
Demolition Man
Concrete Cowboys
Sand Pebbles
Bad Day at Black Rock
Asphalt Jungle

And then there were none.
Suspect Zero
The One
Two of a Kind
Three Kings
Four Brothers
Five days to Midnight
The 6th Day
With Six you get Eggroll
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Seventh Sign
Seventh Seal
Eight is Enough
Eight Below
Ninth Gate
Ten Little Indians
Ocean's 11
12 Monkeys
13 Ghosts
Fourteen Hours
15 Minutes
16 Blocks
16 Candles
Eighteen and Anxious
Nineteen Eighty Four
21 Days
28 Days Later



October 27, 2012